I’ve relocated to Melbourne!

A couple of very exciting updates from me! Firstly, I just sat my last uni exam, wrapping up the Bachelor of Medical and Health Science that I’ve been working on for the last 3 years. It’s an amazing feeling of relief, but also a bit strange not having anything to study for after years of near-constant stress.. I also finished my research project in the Biomechanics Research Lab, although I’m technically still employed as a research assistant, so there are plans to have me analyse more data even now that uni’s done. The difference is that I’ll be paid (and that is absolutely the most important difference ever).

The other big news is that I moved to Melbourne yesterday! Cal took most of my furniture (the two items that I own) with him in the car a few weeks ago, so I’ve been living out of a suitcase in my room and finally I packed that suitcase up and got on a plane. When I was down last month, we visited a dozen different apartments and finally settled on one in South Yarra, just two train stops from Melbourne CBD. The view from our lounge room isn’t bad at all.

With this big move to Melbourne, I’ll be job hunting, hopefully putting this phlebotomy certification to use or working as a research assistant again. But for the time being, I’m just settling into our new place and enjoying the city life! My mum is coming to visit in 2 days (!!) and then right after she goes home, Cal and I are off to New Zealand for 5 weeks, so there’s hardly time for any serious business, which is great. I’m finally done with uni and a break is exactly what I need.