Wollongong, home sweet home

Sometimes I miss living in Melbourne and sometimes I miss living in Seattle, but most of the time, I am so in awe of the gorgeous place that I’ve called home for the last 4 and a half  years.

I originally planned to go on an overnight hike this weekend with some girls I met on the Girls That Hike fb group, but the rainy forecast forced us to call it off. Unnecessarily, as it turns out, since it didn’t rain one drop all day and was actually really sunny and pleasant.

Foolishly believing the forecast, I wasted much of the morning and early afternoon sitting at my desk, curtains drawn, meticulously coding my survey data. Imagine my surprise when I whip the window open to find a summer’s day outside that I’ve just completely wasted!

I refuse to write the whole day off, though, so I quickly get dressed and skip outside for an afternoon walk. Trying to make the most of this sunshine before winter rolls in next month!

From my apartment in North Gong, I walk down to the beach and follow the pedestrian/cyclist path north until I run into the trail through Puckey’s Estate Nature Reserve. It’s a fairly short, very level trail that winds through beautiful bush all the way to Fairy Meadow beach. Crazy to think I lived in Fairy Meadow for a year when I first moved to Australia and yet I never once walked this path.. Too busy lounging on the beach and drinking, I presume.

From Fairy Meadow, there is another lovely pedestrian/cycling path leading to Towradgi and Corrimal beaches, and this path I have walked/ran many times (hard to believe now that I ever ran for fun, but I used to, strangely enough). I’ve also biked it a few times recently with Cal, until he actually snapped his bike riding down a mountain. Boys.

After taking in the view over Towradgi Pools, I turn around and start walking back towards home, this time along the sand, just as the sun is going down. Romantic, except for the fact that I’m alone and listening to a true crime podcast.. but no matter.

About 10km and 14k steps later, I’m back home to keep working on my data and snuggle my cat. But not before nachos.