Top things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I just couldn’t help but fall in love with the very European, yet still distinctly Latin American, cultural metropolis that is Buenos Aires. Thankfully, the beauty of travelling on a semi-flexible schedule is that you can decide on a moment-to-moment basis where the day will take you, and this meant that we stayed in Buenos Aires far longer than originally discussed. In fact, we booked only one night in a very cheap hotel ($15/night) in San Telmo and ended up extending the reservation every afternoon for well over a week; the owner probably expected us to just move in permanently, as one of the other guests had done (believe me, I considered it). Here are some of our very favourite things to do:

Our favourite things to do:

1. Do a bit of shopping at the weekend craft market at Plaza Serrano (Palermo Soho)

2. Read a book in El Jardin Botanico (Palermo)

3. Walk down Florida to get money changed through the Blue Dollar, which is an experience in and of itself (San Nicolas)

4. Pedal/ride/blade around Parque 3 de Febrero (Palermo)

5. Eat dinner in Plaza Dorrego and watching tango performances (San Telmo)

And our favourite 3 places to eat:

1. El Banco Rojo: best sandwiches I may have ever had, in tasty little pita bread shell (corner of Bolivia & Estados Unidos, San Telmo)

2. Patio Provincia: On Sundays– and potentially other days as well, I can’t be sure– the best street-style parilla for sandwiches (corner of Humberto Primo & Balcarce, San Telmo)

3. Jugo vendors around the bus terminal: fresh-squeezed OJ for half the price of everywhere else in the city (between Retiro subte station and Terminal de Omnibus)