Out on the Great Ocean Road again

My mum is Down Under for a few weeks and we’ve taken her out for the obligatory Great Ocean Roadtrip. It’s been about a year and a half since she last visited, but we didn’t stop in Melbourne at the time, so she is delighted to explore a bit more of the country that she so thoroughly enjoyed before.

We leave from the city on a Saturday morning and drive quite leisurely down the coast to Lorne, where we stay for the night. Already, mum is really enjoying the gorgeous scenery and the quaint coastal towns, but that quadruples at the morning sight of koalas in some nearby eucalyptus trees.

My inner American will never stop getting excited over wild kangaroos, even though you see about a dozen a week here, but I think even the locals are always a bit delighted to find a wild koala having an afternoon siesta in a tree.

We reach the 12 Apostles around midday on Sunday and spend several hours taking in the breathtaking view before we zip back home to Melbourne via Geelong for a seaside lunch. Mission accomplished, because mum is very impressed with Victoria and that plays well into my plan of convincing her to move here.