Island of the Sun: Exploring Lake Titicaca’s Isla del Sol

If my memory serves me (and it almost never does), we visited the north side of Isla del Sol, so chosen by the guy at the ticket booth. There was slight concern when it seemed like we were being dropped into a pile of ruins, but luckily that was just the French travellers on the ferry, and we got taken to a side with a beach (suck it).

If we had planned ahead, we could have camped on the beach for free and cooked food over cute little camp stoves, but instead we have to splurge on a $5 a night private room. It is a catastrophe that feels a lot less catastrophic after the nighttime wind starts up. And after I remember what $5 is.

Despite barely having enough fish on the island to feed everyone (and having to wait 6 hours for someone to go catch more before we could eat), Isla del Sol ends up being amazing. There are ruins scattered all over the island, and a helpful map right out by the ferry docks that will point you towards different areas. We spend the next few days getting lost in different directions and deliberately walking off track to scope out cool new places.

I can’t believe how few travellers are on the island, so I’m not sure if there is another busier side, or if most tourists just skip Isla Del Sol altogether, but it’s mellow and quiet and probably one of the nicest places we’ve seen thus far.