A Balinese birthday for Cal

Happy birthday to this ancient lobster! After an amazing bday brekky in Canguu, which is absolutely rife with gourmet cafes and hip juice bars, we get onto our trusty Scoopy scooter and zip down south to Uluwatu temple.

We were lucky to discover a great offline nav app in New Zealand that also works for us in Indonesia, so getting around is super easy, and Callum, being an avid mountain and dirt biker, is loving riding around. Due to my lack of coordination and general spastic tendencies, I am relegated to the backseat to play navigator (incidentally, the one thing I’m worse at than driving).

We get to the temple incredible seaside temple, Pura Luhur, pretty quickly and it’s still early, so it’s not too busy yet. We have to pay entry, which is only ~$2 each, and wrap up in sarongs for modesty before we can go in.

Thankfully, it’s an amazingly sunny day and the gorgeous plunging cliffs on which the temple sits are just falling away into sparkly blue ocean, so I’m snapping photos left, right, and centre.

After our visit to the temple, we get back on the scooter and head in the direction of our villa, scoping out food places on the way. We eventually stop at a warung on the side of the road because Callum likes the look of the roast pig on the sign. It’s an authentic experience, to say the least— no one speaks any English and there is no menu, so we just mime “2 pls” and sit in wait for whatever is on the stove that day. It ends up being a very fascinating assortment of mysterious meats and chili and some unidentified mashed items, but it’s good and we enjoy trying to guess what we are eating.

Back on the road, we stop by a sign pointing to the beach and turn down an incredibly narrow path through bushes that opens up onto a dirt cliff-top that overlooks a gorgeous, long beach below, Nyang Nyang Beach. First, we want to try and get to this beach, but eventually give up and just snap some photos of the beautiful view before heading back to our villa for a swim in the pool. A pretty spectacular birthday, I’d say!

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