Back in Seattle for a limited time only

After more than 3 years in Australia on a student visa, my time has finally run out and I’ve had to book a flight back to Seattle to apply for a new visa offshore. It’s also an excellent opportunity to bring Cal to America for the first time, so we both book tickets to Seattle for 3 weeks and I fly out of the country the day before my visa officially expires.

We spend the next few weeks visiting my friends and family; taking a seaplane ride over Lake Washington with mum’s friend; snowshoeing and cross-country skiing with my parents in the Cascades; trying my hand at downhill skiing for the first time at Stevens Pass; taking a road trip to Whistler with my friend from high school and trekking around in the snow there; going out to admire Snoqualmie Falls; and just exploring the amazing city.

And being a (former) Seattle local, I take my role as tour guide very seriously, so Callum gets to enjoy several days of essential exploring that include Pike Place Market, the Gum Wall, the waterfront ferris wheel, Beecher’s Cheese, the original Starbucks, the Space Needle, and obviously the Seattle REI (if that seems like an odd choice, then clearly you have not spent enough time there).