A weekend in Brisbane with the kangaroos

Why not spend a few days in Queensland’s sunny capital, Brisbane! I’ve actually always thought it would be a bit fun to live in Brisbane, just because it’s one letter off my last name and everyone calls me Brooke Brisbane anyway. My blog would 100% be called Broke in Brisbane― tell me that’s not the best name you’ve ever heard. Think about it.

Plus, you really can’t fault the gorgeous QLD climate when you’re struggling through the cold Melbourne winter (probably a warm summer day by Tasmanian standards, but I’m a baby when it comes to the cold). My secret dream to live in Brisbane aside, it’s a great city for a weekend getaway or a few days out of your Australia trip. You’ve got sun, a beautiful riverfront winding through the city, great beaches, and adorable Australian animals. Need I go on?

On your first day, take a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane and take in great views of the city and the coast. It’s about $20 for an adult. Wander out to one of the awesome beaches and then walk along the riverfront in the evening to choose a restaurant for dinner. There is amazing food to be had, plus great wine and, of course, lovely views. Funnily enough, the waitress on our first evening was from Seattle, but I suppose that is only exciting for me..

Best for last, visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, without a doubt my favourite place in Brisbane. You can feed kangaroos and little wallabies in their grassy paddock and cuddle koalas for a photo. It’s the most stereotypical tourist activity in Australia, but it’s so popular because it’s amazing and something everyone should do when they are visiting. Mum and I went together while she was visiting me and we had a fabulous time, took about 100 photos, and giggled ourselves silly.