A Quick Hike Up Mt. Oberon

Determined to do something outdoorsy despite the mediocre weather, Cal and I wake up this morning (not early, though.. it is Saturday, after all) and hop in the car. Three hours later (ugh), we get to Wilson’s Promontory National Park, situated southeast of Melbourne on the most southern part of mainland Australia. With unfortunately limited time, we choose a small 7km return hike up to Mt. Oberon, from which we hope to have sweeping views.

After an hour of fairly gentle uphill walking on a wide trail, we find ourselves at the summit, joined by considerable cloud-cover. Despite the grey day, the view is still amazing and we sit atop a rock to enjoy it for quite awhile, completely alone, half hoping that the clouds will disappear if we wait long enough. They do not.

On our way back down, we detour to Squeaky Beach, the inviting strip of sand that we could see from our rock perch, and have a bit of a play climbing the boulders. Of course, now that we’ve hiked back down, the clouds seem to be clearing and the sun is out in full-force.