This is the overview for my 10-part series on Moving to Australia. Navigate here to see the full series or use the links below to read posts on specific topics.

So you might want to move to Aus!?

Let me convince you further.

With heaps of pals and plenty of friends of friends of friends asking me for advice on making the move across the Pacific, I thought it could be a good idea to compile all of my advice into a post or two (or 10) that will help prospective future Aussies prep for their move and settle in once they are here.

I moved to Wollongong, NSW at the start of 2013 on a Student Visa, completed a Bachelor of Medical Science, and then stayed on after graduation with a Working Holiday Visa to work in Melbourne, VIC. Mid-2016, I applied for another student visa and started in on a Masters by Research in Biomechanics back in NSW. I’ve lived in a handful of houses/apartments over my 4 years here, held a dozen different jobs, travelled all over Australia, and done my very best to assimilate into my new home. I have no intention of leaving, sorry mum & dad. (A permanent resident visa is in the works, but that is a long, stressful story for another day.)

I am just going to dump everything I learned during my move and my 4 years here into these posts, so some of it will be relevant to everyone wanting to make the move and some will only apply to those looking to study. Skip around to find something of interest, or have a gander at this helpful overview:

Welcome to the most exciting time of your life.

If this series helps just one person in their move to Australia, I will feel quite pleased with myself. Feel free to leave questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer them!